Ooni of Ife’s Corpse Moved To ‘Ilegbo’ Shrine

The corpse of the late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade, has been moved to the Ile’gbo, a sacred temple where he was coronated, Daily Trust has reported.

Daily Trust learnt that the Ile’gbo which is located within the palace was the starting point for the late Oba and he must return to the same place to handover.

A chief told Daily Trust in Ile-Ife that the corpse had arrived at the palace and was received by members of the Isoro Cult, and the burial rites continued at the Ile’gbo.
“The Kaabiesi’s journey to the throne started from that place called Ile’gbo’.

That is where he was installed as Ooni. That is the place where anyone that will succeed him will also be installed. The body is being preserved through traditional means. Details may not be too good for publication. The rites will be done while the body is kept there.

But don’t expect formal announcement of his death in the next two weeks. The formal announcement will take time depending on how fast the Isoro members are able to conclude the necessary rites. The body is there as I speak to you, but even his family members can no longer see him”, he said. Family members of the Oba have been moving their belongings out of the palace.

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