HORROR!!! Woman Dies After Doctors Severed Newborn Baby’s Head Leaving It Inside Her Womb [IMAGE]

A relative cradles the body of the infant (Picture: Cover Asia Press)
A woman has died in India after doctors pulled on the body of her child during delivery – severing the baby’s head and leaving it inside the womb. Geeta Devi, 32, was then sent to another hospital – where doctors managed to remove the severed head from her womb, but could not save her life.

She was admitted to a government hospital, in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, northern India, on Saturday night after she complained of labour pains. But she died early hours of Sunday [Aug. 23] after doctors shockingly pulled the body of her newborn baby girl and left the head inside her womb.

She died early on Sunday.

Her husband Hemant, 40, from Sadar Bazar, in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, northern India, said: ‘It is the fault of the doctors. First they removed the body of my baby – leaving the head inside – and then they told us to take my wife to another hospital. They just left us.

‘Eventually a local nursing home took my baby’s head out of my wife but she died. They could not save her.’ The District Magistrate of Shahjahanpur, Shubhra Saxena, said : ‘It is a severe case of negligence and we are investigating the matter.’

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