RIP: Former Oceanic Bank MD/CEO, Cecilia Ibru, Loses Son, Rode Ibru, Aged 34

Former Oceanic Bank MD/CEO, Cecilia Ibru, loses son
Mrs Cecilia Ibru
The death has been announced of Mr. Rode Ibru, the son of Olorogun Michael and Cecilia Ibru. Rode, who died at 34, was buried today. A filmmaker in his lifetime, some of his works include Sean Garnier vs. the World (Documentary) (executive producer) ( which he was filming before his death); 2015- Augustina (Short) (executive producer); 2014 – Hollow Road (Short) (executive producer); 2014 -Satan Has a Bushy Tail (Short) (executive producer); 2014 Affinit (Short) (producer). Rode Ibru is survived by parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and other relatives.

RIP: Rode Ibru
Eulogizing the young Ibru scion, his close friend Munaf Hafesji said, “I met Rode at a time in my life when I was lucky to have many friends, time has moved on and now I have very few. Rode helped me overcome the darkest chapter in my life, without him I do not know whether I would have made it through those challenging times and be here today. Despite the many friends I had being in Rode’s company was often the only time I felt the burden that was crushing me lifted, even if it was only for a brief moment, those glimmers of sunshine helped me when I felt that all I was surrounded by was darkness.
“To call Rode “a friend” would be doing him a disservice, I saw him more as family, one of the very few people that although of no relation to myself I would describe as blood, I can not help but feel this loss of life. Rode was blessed with great insight and I was privileged to have learnt a lot from him in life but also in death I am learning from him. Reflecting on his death has forced me to reassess the way I feel about time, life, friendship and humanities purpose in life. I have also reflected on regret, regret for not seeing my dear friend in such a long time, regret for allowing life and geographical location become an obstacle in our friendship, regret that he never got the chance to meet my daughter, I hope he knows that he was close to me despite this, it was foolishness on my part to think that time was infinite.
“I would like to think that Rode’s influence on those that he has touched will live on, I found myself playing with my daughter mimicking Rode’s mannerisms without being consciously aware that I was doing so, I paused for a moment and thought about my good friend and I felt happiness despite the tragic news, I realised that a little bit of Rode lives on, and just as I am passing it on to my daughter maybe she will do the same with her own children and those with theirs.”

  - City People

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