FAB PICS: President Obama Jets To NYC To Kick-Off Daddy-Daughter Weekend With Sasha & Malia

 photo BarackObamaPresidentObamaDepartsWhitej9F8GSTJql8l.jpg
President Barack Obama is set to spend a father-daughter weekend with his daughters Sasha, Malia and their friends in NYC. 
Obama was spotted leaving the White House yesterday with Sasha and her friends as they boarded Marine One en route to New York City. Malia is already in NYC for her super cool summer internship. She has been working behind-the-scenes on Lena Dunham’s “Girls” series for HBO.   
First Lady Michelle Obama decided to stay at the White House while the girls spend some time with their dad.
 photo BarackObamaPresidentObamaDepartsWhiteXR5qPJ8HJaWl.jpg
 photo BarackObamaPresidentObamaDepartsWhiteiubhNFx0ZOvl.jpg
 photo BarackObamaPresidentObamaDepartsWhite17urHVsRE1cl.jpg
 photo BarackObamaPresidentObamaDepartsWhiteG6DsSd7ZIAxl.jpg

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