Bobbi Kristina Brown's Death Is Now A Homicide Investigation, Cops Confirm

After Bobbi Kristina Brown autopsy was completed on Monday [Jul 27] officials said there were no "obvious underlying cause of death and no significant injuries were noted".

In a statement the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office said: "The initial portion of the autopsy has been completed. "The autopsy does not show an obvious underlying cause of death and no significant injuries were noted.

"No previously unknown medical conditions that could have contributed to death were identified. Additional laboratory testing will be performed. Subpoenas have been issued to obtain needed documentary information”

"We do not plan to complete the death certificate or determine a cause and manner of death until all test results are completed and all investigative, medical, and other documentary records are received and thoroughly reviewed. We anticipate that these processes will take several weeks."

Bobbi's cousin Jerod Brown, 27, has revealed that the Brown and Houston families have vowed to fight for justice for the 22-year-old who lost her six-month battle for life.

Bobbi's boyfriend Nick Gordon, is under investigation by police, as well as others. One is believed to be Max Lomas, an ex-boyfriend who found Whitney Houston's daughter in the bath at her home on January 31.

He said: “This is going to play out in the judiciary system, we will find out who is responsible for Bobbi Kristina's death and we won't stop until they are prosecuted.“We have gathered evidence around the situation that we and the police have, whoever did this to her is going to be found out and dealt with in court. We will make sure of that.

“Nick is one person who is being looked at but there are others, we don't know who did it but we will leave it to the police and the justice system to find out, and make sure they do.”

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