PICTURED: Woman’s Life Is Saved By Her Massive 38JJ Breasts When Car Ploughed Into Her - NATURAL AIRBAGS

Sarah Foster escaped without a single broken bone because of her 38JJ boobs
CREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS
A CURVY mum survived a horror car smash – thanks to her gigantic 38JJ boobs. Sarah Foster, 28, bounced safely off the windscreen when a Mini Cooper ploughed into her as she smoked a fag in a lay-by. Her massive boobs smashed the windscreen but she escaped without a single broken bone.
Stunned medics likened her breasts to “airbags” and said they saved her life. Sarah, who wed partner Marie in 2011, had even booked a breast reduction — but has now vowed to never shrink them. She said: “While I was in my hospital bed, the paramedic who treated me on the scene told me I was really lucky to be alive and that I should be grateful for my airbags.That was the word she used. “She said I had my own airbags. I turned to my wife and said, ‘I was going to get rid of them’.”
Sarah escaped without broken bone because of bustCREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS
“One doctor said to me — and remember it so clearly: “I don’t know how you survived’. “Another said, ‘Your shoes have been blown off, your clothes have been blown off. We don’t know how you are here’. “I asked, ‘What saved me?’ They said my boobs bounced me off the windscreen. “They were both bruised and they said that literally saved my life.
Sarah scraped plans for breast reductionCREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS
“I was really overwhelmed and shocked. We just cried. It was a terrible thing to go through. “If I’d have got rid of them I might not be here today.”
Sarah and Marie were on their way to a christening in Leighton Buzzard, Beds, with kids Steven, 13, and Megan, eight, when they stopped on the A1 near Peterborough. Cleaner Sarah, of Pontefract, West Yorks, jumped out of the car and was standing on a path between the lay-by and a field while she had a cigarette and made a phone call. But moments later she turned round to see the Mini Cooper slam into the central reservation at 80mph.
Medics said she owed life to boobsCREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS
It catapulted off the railings and headed straight towards her. The terrified mum turned to have one last look at her family before she remembered seeing the airbags inside the car deploy. She also vividly recalled being flung forward onto the car’s windscreen boobs first. Her family watched in terror as she bounced off the car, somersaulted over the vehicle and into the road.
Sarah was lucky to escape smashCREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS
The Mini careered out of control before hitting a tree head-on. Sarah said: “I hit the windscreen and heard the smash. My boobs hit it so hard it just smashed. “I don’t remember anything after that. Marie said I bounced and went straight over the top of the car.” The impact was so intense it ripped off her clothes from the waist down.
Sarah spent a few days in hospital
CREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS

Sarah was flung onto bonnetCREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS
Her boobs acted like natural airbagsCREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS

Her boobs acted like natural airbags
CREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS
Care assistant Marie dragged unconscious Sarah off the road and called an ambulance, which took her to nearby Peterborough Hospital. Medics strapped her to a board and sent her for countless tests but were stunned when they discovered she had suffered just bruising and knee ligament damage. They told how she was saved by her huge natural boobs, which acted just like an airbag to cushion the blow and bounce her over the car.
Sarah has since been awarded £5,000 in compensation from the motorist’s insurance company.
She suffered minor injuriesCREDITS: Ross Parry - SWNS

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