PHOTO: Lamb Found In Brothel 'Was Stolen From Zoo On The Order Of Prostitute With Sheep Fetish'

Rosi the lamb
Ewe won't believe this: Rosi the lamb was rescued from a brothel
Police have found a stolen sheep being kept prisoner - in a brothel. Officers in Germany made the unusual discovery during a drugs raid on a premises in Munich. It is believed the lamb was stolen from Nuremberg Zoo - around 170 miles from Munich - under the orders of a prostitute who is said to have a fetish for sheep, having had 25 animals stolen for her previously.

The two-month-old animal, called Rosi, is now back with her herd after a spell in police custody and qurantine. "She's doing wonderfully. She's fully integrated back into the herd," a spokesman for the zoo told The Local.

The lamb is showing no signs of stress from her 'adventure', the spokesman added. Rosi was born at the end of April and had to be fed by keepers when her mother did not suckle properly.

When she disappeared keepers believed Rosi had been eaten by a fox or had drowned in a stream that runs through the zoo's grounds.

However, it is now though that thieves waited for staff to go on a lunch break before smuggling the lamb out of the zoo. She was in the brothel for nine days before police found her in a prostitute's roomduring the raid in which marijuana and drug paraphernalia was seized.

The prostitute has been banned for owning animals.

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