MURDER TRIAL!!! Child Bride, Wasila Tasiu, 14, Accused Of Killing Her Husband And Three Others In Kano Is Discharged

Wasila Tasi'u, 14, speaks with an unidentified defence counsel outside the courtroom during a 30-minute break on the first day of her trial at Kano state High Court in the village of Gezawa, Nigeria, outside Kano on October 30, 2014. She is facing one-count murder charge for allegedly killing her groom and three friends by poisoning the food she prepared for a feast after their wedding in Dansoro village on April 5. (Aminu Abubakar/AFP/Getty Images)
A Kano High Court sitting in Gezawa Tuesday [Jun 9] set free Wasila Tasiu, 14, accused of killing her husband and three others on April 5th, 2014, THISDAY reports.

Delivering the judgement, Justice Mohammed Yahaya ruled that the court had no option than to comply with the application that originated from the office of the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice to terminate the case.

"I have no alternative than to pronounce, according to the law, that the application for nolle prosequi is hereby granted". Justice Yahaya therefore declared: "Consequently, you, Wasila Tasiu, are hereby discharged."

The verdict threw the court room into wild jubilation by hordes of human rights activists that were present.

Earlier, the prosecution lawyer, Lamido Abba Soron Dinki, had tendered an application dated May 20th that was signed by the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice urging the court to discontinue the high profile murder case.

Garba , father of Wasila’s husband


Like many girls her age here, Wasila Tasiu married young, at a simple ceremony in front of the mud-brick house she shared with her mother, her father and her father’s second wife. Wedding guests said it was a joyous occasion: There was a love-struck bride, a happy father and a proud groom named Umaru Sani, who had come from a nearby village to Tasiu’s home in Kaura, a village in Nigeria’s northern Kano state.

Tasiu was 14, according to her father, although her age is a matter of dispute. She was to be the 40-year-old Sani’s second wife.

The marriage lasted 17 days. At the end of it, Sani was dead, and so were three of his friends, who had joined him for a lunch spiked with rat poison.

In the hours after her husband was buried, Tasiu confessed to poisoning his meal. The crime seems senseless to the people in her village. The couple was in love; how could it go so wrong, so fast?

But Tasiu’s lawyer tells a different story: Given away as a bride before she was even a woman, Tasiu saw her actions as the only way of escape from a loveless marriage.

“Obviously, the marriage caused it,” said her attorney, Hussaina Aliyu. “Because she was scared of the marriage. She didn’t know what the marriage was all about.”
Lamido Abba Sorondinki, the main prosecutor arguing Tasiu’s case
Wasila's case file at the Ministry of Justice in Kano, Nigeria
The bedroom that Wasila shared with her mother
Wasila's mother holds a photo of her daughter and a friend
Wasila’s dowry included a bed, pictured at top, brushes and some pots.
Wasila’s dowry included a bed, pictured at top, brushes and some pots.
Wasila’s dowry included a bed, pictured at top, brushes and some pots.

The father of the deceased groom, Sani Garba, and the groom’s older brother Musa Sani, left.
The type of poison used in the killing, on sale in a market on the outskirts of Kano
Ramatu Alhaji-Murtala, Umaru's first wife
The room where Wasila lived during her brief marriage
The wedding party of Maryan Nazifi, in Dawakin Tofa, another small town in the same region of Nigeria where Wasila Tasiu grew up and got married. The young Nazifi had had no contact with men other than her father and brothers before this day.
Maimuma Musa, a young bride, photographed in her family’s home in her wedding clothes
Maimuma Musa, a young bride, photographed in her family’s home in her wedding clothes and sitting with her mother and dowry

   - Images via Al Jazeera

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