Gbenga Obasanjo Falls In Love Again; Segun Agbaje’s Sister In-Law Had A Baby For Him

Gbenga Obasanjo

Even the biggest sandcastle has a fragile body that breaks easily; so does a poorly packaged marriage, like the marriage of Gbenga and Moji Obasanjo.  Gbenga has every reason to thank God, as he has now found joy in his new lover, Nike Olakunri, Derin Agbaje’s younger sister, who unbeknown to a lot of people, had a baby for him recently.

Gbenga who went through anguish, humiliation and depression in the hands of friends and family following his allegation of incestuous sexual involvement of Moji with his father (former President Olusegun Obasanjo) as well as her own father years back. It was one impious expose that shook and shocked the country, as Gbenga regaled the public with events and stories alleging his father had carnal knowledge of his wife all in the name of trying to curry favour from his father when he was the president of the country.

Moji, who wept like banshee in her efforts to deny the grave allegations and set the record straight, suffered emotional withdrawal as a result of the damaging accounts. She had to take a break from all the attendant noise after which she came back to defend herself in court.

The onus of denial fell on Moji alone as neither Gbenga’s father nor her own father came out to douse the tension created by the allegations, which was leaked to the public when Gbenga went to court and sued for the dissolution of their marriage. Those dark moments have been put behind her. It’s all old hat, as the British would say. She has now found what she could not find in Gbenga in Abby Akinwunmi, her new husband.

Interestingly, as you read this, Gbenga too has found love in Nike Olakunri. The proverbial chime of the wedding bells, pomp and glitter of a wedding ceremony, among other things, probably constitute the worst of the lovers’ fears, which is why they’ve not formalised their union.

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