VIDEO: Police Officer Tasers Man Having A Stroke

This video appears to show the shocking moment that a police officer pepper-sprayed a man while he was suffering from a stroke. In the video, officer Shaun Jurgens can be seen walking up to David Washington, after he drove the wrong way on a street in Fredricksburg, Virginia.

But he then proceeds to seemingly fire a Taser at Washington without warning while he is still sitting at the wheel of the car. And after another police officer opens the car door, Jurgens sprays a huge amount of pepper spray into Washington’s face.

‘Get out the car’, Jurgens shouts. Get out the car, or I’m going to f*****g smoke you. Get out the car, right now. We ain’t playing’.

At one point in the video, Washington can even be heard telling officers that he ‘can’t breathe’. He was later taken to the hospital, where it was discovered that Washington was suffering from a stroke.

Jurgens has since resigned from his job after police determined that the level of force used was ‘not appropriate’. But he has defended his actions, claiming that he believed Washington may have been under the influence of drink and drugs. Separate charges have been filed against Washington for hit and run, reckless driving, and driving on a revoked license.

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