SAMBISA FOREST: Nigerian Military Uncovers Full Extent Of Boko Haram’s Atrocities And Bestiality

As the Boko Haram terror sect continues to unravel under the weight of the ongoing military offensive, the full extent of its atrocities and bestiality have continued to emerge with horror. The offensive in Sambisa forest is yielding tremendous treasure trove of intelligence, with the discovery of sensitive materials including arms, ammunitions, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) gadgets and video recordings of beheadings they left behind.
According to the report by PRNigeria on Friday, many of the video materials captured by the troops from Sambisa forest are currently being analysed by military experts. Some of the videos, the report said, included recording of scenes of trials, beheadings, executions, stoning, floggings and those taken during preparations for suicide attacks.
A military source stated that capturing such recordings was another major feat in the battle against the terrorists as it was a tool used to really terrify mostly civilian population and cow them into submission. The source added that “some of the video were meant for release through their normal channels to the public before they were dislodged from their camps. They also show the barbaric life in their so-called caliphate.
“The media and the public are advised to be careful in handling or sharing sensitive and offensive videos depicting atrocities that some viewers may find disturbing,” the source said.
Since they invaded Sambisa Forest a few weeks ago, Nigerian troops have liberated about 1,000 women and children from the various terrorists camps already dismantled. There have been tales of woes and great distress from many of those rescued from the terrorists about their reign of terror and lately of despondency within the ranks of the insurgents.
When contacted on the discovery of video recordings, the Director Defence Information (DDI), Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade said: “A number of vital materials, apart from arms and ammunition, have been recovered which are being subjected to intelligent analyses. We don’t want to say much about that now.”

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