PREMIÈRE: Arojah Opens Theatre Season With Ben Tomoloju’s FLOWERS INSTROSPECT

Abuja based theatre outfit, Arojah Royal Theatre will next week open its theatre season with one of Ben Tomoloju’ school days play, Flowers Introspect from Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th of May 2015 at the theatre studio of Korean Cultural Centre in Abuja. 4.30pm daily.

Other productions lined up for the year include Denja Abdullahi’s ‘Death and the King’s Grey Hair’, Wole Soyinka’s ‘Childe Internationale’ and Jerry Adesewo’s ‘My Story’ among others. 'Flowers Introspect' is the first play in a trilogy involving three young, male adults - Gbotaye, Dingi and Motowon. The story is based principally on their stormy, frustrating and sometimes befuddling love relationship which serves as a psychological observatory on the travails of their generation.

Each member of the troika has a partner whose moral disposition is somewhat antithetical to his near-idealistic view of love between a man and woman in courtship. Gbotaye is involved with Mosun, a pretentious, happy-go-lucky freak who samples rich men randomly, but who he is so madly in love with that he has to put up with her escapades. Dingi's affair is with Christianah, a pious, born-again Christian whose practical demonstration of abstinence borders on torture for herself and her lover. Motowon's dream is consumed on Teniola, daughter of a wealthy businessman who disapproves of marriage between her and someone from the lower rung of the social ladder.

The conflicting relationships open up vistas to perceive the corruptive realities of society such as avarice, class-conflict, insecurity, chauvinism, violence, fanaticism and other forms of abberation which weigh heavily on the human spirit and make it difficult to achieve social harmony.In the unfolding plot, Dingi's fiancee was raped by a clergyman. Overwhelmed by what she considers a total desecration of her purist make-up, she commits suicide, heightening the tragic tone of a generally absurdist drama of lust and listlessness.

“In fulfilment of our promise last year, we have declared 2015 our ‘Year of Ben Tomoloju’ in continuation of our celebration of his 60th birthday last year. We have concluded plans for the Festival of Ben Tomoloju’s Plays, featuring all the three plays in the trilogy – Flowers Introspects, We Only Went in Search of Happiness and Let the vanguard Come to Town.” said Om’Oba Jerry Adesewo.

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