George Zimmerman Involved In Florida Shooting

George Zimmerman – the man responsible for the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin – hasn’t been able to stay out of trouble since killing the unarmed teen. His most recent incident took place Monday afternoon (May 11) in his Lake Mary neighborhood in Florida. According to multiple reports, a gunman opened fire on Zimmerman, leaving him with a minor injury.

Police are referring to the shooting as a possible road rage incident, according to Lake Mary Police spokesperson Bianca Gillett, local news station WESH 2 reports. After a bullet hit the front window of Zimmerman’s vehicle, the glass shattered, causing him to sustain a wound to the face. Other news sources have reported that he was shot in the face, but Zimmerman’s lawyer, Don West refuted those claims.

“He walked normally into the ambulance, so he wasn’t being helped or nothing,” Ricardo Berrare, a witness on the scene said. “They actually backed up the ambulance next to his driver side so he could walk into the door.”

According to TMZ, Zimmerman claims to have recognized the shooter; identifying him as someone he may have had an altercation with several months ago. Police are still investigating the shooting.

Back in March, Zimmerman grabbed headlines for comments regarding the death of Martin. Referring to the unarmed teenager’s tragic death as divine order. “Me as a Christian, I believe God does everything for a purpose and he had his plans, for me to second guess them would be hypocritical and almost blasphemous,” he said.

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