PHOTOS: Glamour Model 'Punched Unconscious By Footballer Ex-Lover When She Refused To Have Sex With Him'

Attack: Rossi Recalde claims her boyfriend snapped after she refused to have sex with him

A glamour model has claimed she was punched unconscious by her footballer ex-lover after she refused to have sex with him. Rossi Recalde suffered a broken nose, two black eyes and a swollen lip after the alleged vicious assault in the city of Capiata, in central Paraguay.
The 22-year-old Paraguayan beauty's ex-boyfriend Jose Luis Salmon - who plays for Deportivo Capiata - reportedly claimed in a phone call he was going to go public with x-rated texts between the pair unless they had sex.
But when she refused, she claims that is when things got violent.

Victim: Rossi Recalde suffered a broken nose, two black eyes and a swollen lip after the alleged attack
She says he turned up at at her home the next morning, punching her to the ground. Stunned Recalde, who was badly cut and bruised around the face, was left unconscious on the pavement for several minutes until she was found by neighbours.

She said: "He wanted me to pay him a visit at his house and threatened to blackmail me, but I told him Leave me alone, do whatever you like, and I hung up.

Model: Rossi Recalde was left of the pavement nursing her injuries
Model: Rossi Recalde was left of the pavement nursing her injuries she claims

"Next day I got out of the house and there he was waiting for me. "He started threatening me again about those messages. 
"I told him to leave and when I looked at him he punched me so hard that I was laid on the pavement for five minutes.
"My nose was bleeding, my mouth too.

Injured: The model had a 'face full of bruises'

"Now I’ve got a broken nose and a face full of bruises"
She claims she broke up with Salmon more than two-months-ago after a rocky six month relationship. She says Salmon triggered the separation when during an argument he smashed up her apartment causing £3,455 worth of damage.
Police are now investigating the assault and are to quiz both parties.

Lovers: Rossi Recalde and her ex boyfriend

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