I Saw Boko Haram This Afternoon With My Naked Eyes, They Were Not Hostile; Gombe State Resident Told Alashock’s BLOG

According to a facebook user, Muhammad Saleh Akko, Boko Haram members were seen moving from town to town freely in Gombe, Northeastern Nigeria, Friday [April 3] afternoon.

Muhammad, a resident of Akko Gari, Gombe State said at about 3pm today he saw Boko Haram insurgents with his ‘naked eye’ moving in a convoy of 12 vehicles. Muhammad said as he was having a nap after Friday Jumaat Prayer, he was alerted by other residents of Akko Gari, who were screaming and announcing the arrival of Boko Haram in their town.

To Muhammad’s surprise, the insurgents seen along Gombe airport road were not hostile; neither did they cause any kind of commotion. Rather, they destroyed all campaign posters of the President-Elect, Gen Buhari, Muhammad, he stated. The insurgents who were desperate for Nigerian currency offered to sell Dollars to the residents in exchange for Naira. Muhammad stated, ‘they were asking people if they were in need of Dollars’.

Muhammad revealed on his facebook page he saw Boko Haram members Friday afternoon
Alashock reached out to Muhammad and I asked him if these Boko Haram members he saw were armed and just passing by his town? Or they were living among the people? He responded:
Yes they were just passing, it seems as they want to trace their hide out they were telling people not to panic but honestly they are well armed with rocket launchers, rifles and much more.
It would be recalled; no fewer than 20 persons were killed after suspected Boko Haram members attacked a bus station in Gombe yesterday [April 2] evening. The latest attack, which occurred on Thursday, also left 15 people injured, according to AFP. This renewed attack came barely five days after the successful conduct of the 2015 presidential poll.

Muhammad’s story is an indication that residents of Gombe State must not sleep with their two eyes closed.

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