Creflo Dollar SLAMS Critics and Detractors Hating On His $65M Plane Request, "You Cannot Stop Me" [WATCH VIDEO]

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Creflo Dollar still wants a $65 Million the name of Jesus of course.  Come inside and watch the televangelist shoot down the Devil for trying to come between his ministry and luxurious flight accommodations.
"If I want to believe God for a $65 million plane, you cannot stop me." -Creflo Dollar

There's just no arguing with someone who practices prosperity theology.  If you chide or question their wants, needs and desires, they say you're insulting God and questioning his power.  
We're sure you saw on the 'innanets' that Creflo Dollar asked his followers to donate funds to help purchase a $65 Million aircraft so he could "spread" the good gospel around the world. can't spread the word of Jesus in coach...or on Southwest Airlines.  
Now...before you put your nose in the air, you have to understand that God wants Creflo to have a $65 Milllion plane.  This according to Creflo.  HE put those wants and desires in Creflo's heart and Creflo is simply following the will of God by asking his followers to make it happen.  During this past Sunday's message, he shamed the Devil and anyone else who questioned why this plane is necessary.
'What does a preacher need with an airplane? If you knew what we did then you wouldn't ask that question. But you don't know what we do.'
WE don't?  Well, that's problem number one since the masses are who's funding your lifestyle, Mr. Dollar.
Of course....the congregation went wild.  Like, wild in that they seemingly co-signed.  Creflo may have collected $65 Million before the benediction.  Here's the full sermon...
"Let me tell you something about believing God — I can dream as long as I want to. I can believe God as long as I want to. If I want to believe God for a $65 million plane, you cannot stop me. You cannot stop me from dreaming," 
"You cannot stop me from dreaming. I'm gon' dream until Jesus comes. And here's another thing I want you to understand. … If they discover life on Mars, if you think a $65 million plane was too much, if they discover that there's life on Mars, they gon' need to hear the Gospel and I'm gon' have to believe God for a billion dollar space shuttle because we got to preach the Gospel on Mars."
"I dare you to tell me I can't dream. I dare you to tell me that I can't believe God. If I find Jesus, I'm gonna look at Jesus until it comes to pass, because with God all things are possible to him that believe. And so, I say to you, dream on. Dream on baby, don't dream on what you can have, dream about what the devil says you can't have. Dream for the best. Dream for the best healing. Dream for the best deliverance; dream for the best house. Dream for the best car. Just 'cause the world don't have it, doesn't mean you can't have it. You are the children of the Almighty God. Dream, dream."
"I wouldn't say this except the Spirit of God led me to say it. Now you see why the devil tried so aggressively to discredit my voice. I'm on my sabbatical and the enemy is trying to discredit me. Heck, I found out this past week I was supposed to be in jail for stealing the tithes." 
"And therefore, yesterday, they were transferring me from one county to the other one. I sure wished somebody woulda told me. Found out my real name is not Creflo Dollar. You know what it is? It's Michael Smith."
"Found out that none of y'all can ever get in the dome unless you show your W-2 form. What you say? Are you listening to what I'm saying? The enemy has got to discredit the voices of faith and grace and truth because he don't want you to know that you can walk on the water if you can look at Jesus. I've got to discredit that man before he starts showing people Jesus."
We are in the midst of a great fight. The enemy, like he always have, is trying to stop the preaching of Jesus and we're not gonna stop. I never one time, you can attest to it. I never one time came to you for a dime and asked you for an airplane, did I?" Dollar asked his congregants.
Creflo Dollar asking his members for $65 million? I ain't never asked you for a dime. We've got over 3 million partners around the world, 3 million donors around the world who support the ministry so I can get to where they are. I had a man from the Middle East send a letter to say they cut off my relative's head. We need you in the Middle East, here's a check right here for that plane.
"You understand what I'm saying? You cannot stop and you cannot curse what God has blessed. Are you listening to me? Half the people that are commenting on the Internet don't even know me. They don't know this ministry. They don't know what we do. That's why they ask the question: 'What does a preacher need with an airplane? If you knew what we did then you wouldn't ask that question. But you don't know what we do..."
Let the church say.....AMEN.

Are you standing in faith for Creflo to get his plane?

  - TheYBF

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