AUDIO: What President Jonathan Told Gen Buhari In Historic Concession Phone Call…TAKE A LISTEN

On Tuesday, after President-elect Muhammadu Buhari, had taken an unassailable lead of more than two million votes with just a few more states to go, President Goodluck Jonathan called his opponent to congratulate him, PREMIUM TIMES has revealed.

Buhari was officially declared president-elect on Wednesday, but this is the audio of the exact words of the outgoing president, and what Buhari said in return:

Read full transcript of the conversation below:

Caller: Your Excellency, sir. Hope I’m speaking with General Buhari, sir. President

Goodluck Jonathan would like to speak with you, sir.

Receiver: Yes. Okay, hold on.

Jonathan: Your Excellency.

Receiver: Hold on, sir.

Buhari: Your Excellency.

Jonathan: Your Excellency, how are you?

Buhari: I’m all right.

Jonathan: (Laughter) Congratulations

Buhari: Thank you very much, Your Excellency.

Jonathan: So, how are things?

Buhari: Well, I’d congratulate you more because you….

Jonathan: In a few days find time (to) come so that we can sort out how to plan the transitional period.

Buhari: Alright, Your Excellency. Thank you very much

Jonathan: Okay, congratulations.

Buhari: My respects, Your Excellency. Thank you.

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