PICTURED: Gwoza Captured By Nigerian Military A DUBIOUS STUNT? Nigerian Journalist, Ahmad Sikilda, Questions THIS IMAGE Released By The Military

DUBIOUS STUNT? Nigerian Military earlier today posted images of Gwoza capture on its official website (http://defenceinfo.mil.ng/) including this image
The Nigerian Military Friday [Mar. 27] announced that it has captured one of the towns still controlled by Boko Haram in Borno State. The Military said they captured Gwoza and destroyed the headquarters of the “terrorists’ self-styled Caliphate”. “Several terrorists died while many are captured” adding that “they are mopping up of entire area and her suburbs is ongoing”, the Nigerian Army said.

The Military made this known via twitter on Friday morning.
But a Nigerian journalist, Ahmad Sikilda, who reportedly has direct and indirect contacts with Boko Haram is questioning Nigerian Military story of Gwoza capture. The Nigerian Military earlier today [Mar. 27] posted story of Gwoza capture on its official website (http://defenceinfo.mil.ng/) with images from the captured town.

Ahmad took to his twitter page to express skepticism about a particular Gwoza image Nigerian Military released today; the image in question is pictured above, showed two soldiers shaking hands in front of a signpost which was 'erected' inside a gutter with an inscription - Police Mobile Force Training College, Gwoza, while the foot of another soldier could be seen standing behind the signpost in what looks like a man supporting the signpost from falling. 

Ahmad in one of his several tweets wrote:
Dear NA, you have done well for #Nigeria but I'm beginning to have disturbing informatn about ur claims. Can you give #Nigerians update pls?
Ahmad observed and questioned in another tweet:
Why is the signboard of MOPOL Schl hanging inside a gutter and a soldier supports it from behind? Something is fishy?
It is my expection that the Nigerian Military would clarify these posers as noted by Ahmad. You can read rest of his observations below:


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