JUST IN: Musiliu Obanikoro Confirmed As Federal Minister Amid #EkitiGate Controversy; Took To Twitter To Celebrate His Confirmation

Musiliu Obanikoro
The Nigerian Senate on Wednesday [Mar. 11] confirmed Musiliu Obanikoro as a federal minister brushing aside allegations that Mr. Obanikoro played a key role in election fraud in state elections in Ekiti last year.

Mr. Obanikoro, who was nominated by President Goodluck Jonathan in January, was named recently in a leaked tape as a principal actor in the state’s governorship election rigging in 2014, sparking national outrage.

The Nigerian government has not investigated the claims.

The Senate approved Mr. Obanikoro’s nomination as a minister Wednesday, after several postponements, despite protests from senators from Lagos, Mr. Obanikoro’s home state, and other members of the opposition All Progressives Congress, who had vowed to stop his nomination over the scandal that became known as Ekitigate.

As a former senator himself, the Senate allowed Mr. Obanikoro to “take a bow and go”, without answering questions, a privilege reserved for former federal lawmakers.

APC lawmakers protested by walking out of the session in protest.

Mr Obanikoro has taken to social media to celebrate his confirmation by Nigerian legislators.


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