HILARIOUS!!! Bride Dumps Groom At The Altar Because He Failed Basic Maths Question

Maths Indian Wedding
Arranged marriage: Groom dumped over maths test
An Indian groom was dumped by his prospective wife at the altar because he failed a maths test. When asked by the bride-to-be to add up 15 and six, the unsuspecting man replied 17. This was the last straw for her and she walked out of the wedding.
Even the groom's family attempted to persuade her otherwise, but allegedly she flatly refused claiming he was illiterate. A police official of Rasoolabad village where the incident happened told BBC Hindi that local resident Mohar Singh had fixed his daughter Lovely's wedding to a man called Ram Baran. 
He added "But just before the marriage ceremony Lovely came to know that Ram Baran is illiterate and she refused to marry." And Mohar Singh said that the "groom's family had kept us in the dark about his poor education."
"Even a first grader can answer this [the maths test]," he said.
Police were forced to mediate between the families and all of the gifts were returned.
Most Indian marriages are arranged by the families, with couple's often knowing little about each other before coming man and wife. Last month a bride married her wedding guest after her fiancee collapsed at the altar.

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