Lagos Assembly To Honour Cleaner Who Returns N12m To Owner

Lagos State House of Assembly, on Monday [Feb. 23], invited Josephine Agwu, a cleaner with one of the cleaning concessionaires at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, in Lagos, who found a sum of N12 million and returned it to the owner.

The House took the decision to invite Josephine to appear before it at a later date, during its sitting following resumption from a month long recess.

It has, therefore, requested the Clerk of the House, Mr Segun Abiru, to put everything in place to invite the lady to the House.

Deputy Whip of the House, Honourable Rotimi Abiru, had under Matter of Urgent Public Importance, raised the issue, calling the attention of his colleagues to the fact that Josephine was returning lost money for the third time.

Abiru said that the affected lady, who earns a monthly salary of N7,800, was given just 50 dollars the second time she found and returned a lost money.


On January 23, 2015, Miss Josephine Agwu, on monthly salary of N7, 800, saw the money in a bag, obviously forgotten by a passenger, and reportedly handed it over to her superiors. Miss Agwu told pressmen at the terminal that she saw a small hand bag forgotten by a passenger, and decided to obey her employers standing instruction that any bag left behind by passengers must be picked and deposited with aviation security department of the airport. She added that after asking passengers around if the bag belonged to anyone of them and they all responded negatively, she picked up the bag and took it to the security department, where it was opened and discovered to contain $27,000 and other currencies, which added up to N12 million.

It was later discovered that one Mr. Samuel, a passenger on Emirates Airline, was the owner of the money. When journalists asked Miss Agwu why she decided to handover the money, she replied “If I had taken what doesn’t belong to me, God will punish me. I am contented with my N7, 800 monthly salary. It was not my money. I believe when it pleases God, He will bless the work of my hand and will make me rich”.

When pressmen asked her if she would do it again if she finds a bigger sum of money, she replied, “why not, this is not the first time I am doing this; this is the third time I am returning lost but found properties and monies that belonged to passengers, who forgot their baggage at the airport”.

Miss Agwu has National Diploma (ND) in accounting, one would have expected her to get a better job than be a cleaner. Yet she accepted her plight. She keeps doing her beat. 

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