Tuesday, May 21, 2013

PHOTOS: TV Presenter Sucks Milk From A Topless Mum’s Breasts On Shocking Chat Show...ADULT BREASTFEEDING!!!

Boobtube ... host sucks from mum's breast

A Dutch TV host stunned viewers by sucking milk from a mother's breasts on his primetime Saturday night show.

Comedian Paul De Leeuw pounced on the topless mum during the latest episode of his chat show Langs De Leeuw, which was dedicated to breastfeeding.

Du Leeuw's guests were a group of women who donate spare milk to mums who struggle to produce it.

Second opinion ... he then takes a taste from the other boob
One volunteer called Wendy invited the star to taste the contents of a bottle she had expressed during the show. When the openly gay presenter joked he'd prefer to drink it from the source - she unhooked her boobs from a breast-pump and told him: "Well, if you don't bite you may try it”.

The studio audience then watched dumbfounded as Du Leeuw took her up on the offer and sucked milk from both her breasts.

After swallowing down his sample, he joked: "I find the second one better tasting, but I can taste that you've eaten asparagus yesterday”.

Review ... the presenter describes the taste
The stunt has provoked outrage in the Netherlands from critics who branded it disgusting. Viewers have also taken to Twitter to attack De Leeuw and the group for allowing the stunt to be aired.

But Wendy has defended her actions on the social media site, insisting they were "for a good cause".

- TheSUN


  1. Crazy set of people. These oyinbo ppl? I hope he did not have a hard-on during d act.

  2. disgusting people


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