PHOTOS: 54-Year-Old Man Has Liposuction & Pec Implants To Keep Up With His 33-Year-Old Wife…

54-year-old Donovan Nelson has undergone laser liposuction and pec implants to keep up with his 33-year-old wife.

Donovan from Braintree, Essex, was once in very good shape – exercising regularly and eating healthily – but nevertheless he struggled to maintain a body that was toned and muscular through exercise alone.

In his younger days Donovan, who owns his own marketing company, was better able to achieve the results he wanted but after starting a family and living a busy working life, he struggled to maintain a lifestyle that was active enough to give him the body he wanted. 
Donovan’s wife Anna is also 21 years his junior and so the pressure to look fit and in shape alongside her was even larger because of this age gap.

In the end he resorted to a treatment called VASER high def at The Private Clinic, performed by Dr Mike Comins.  The treatment was carried out under local anaesthetic and involved melting away the unwanted fat and removing it via a tiny canula.
Donovan underwent the treatment six months ago and it set him back £10,000 but he maintains that it was worth every penny.

He said:

Now I feel so much more confident and I love walking around without my top on. I like to go to Ibiza every summer for a few days and dance with my top off  - being over 50 it's hard to dance around with your top off unless you're in good shape.

'I would say to other men, try and get in shape through exercise first, but if that doesn't work then perhaps surgery is a better option. Also, the amount it costs is a good incentive to keep it off.'

He said: 'I do get told I look very young for my age. I once got stopped at passport control as the officer didn't believe it was me, because of my age’.

He also had a pec implant a few years ago and is keen to have more treatment on his lower abdomen next as he wants more definition there.

Trim and toned: With age, Donovan, who owns his own marketing company, couldn't maintain his physique so this was perfect for him

- Daily Mail

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  1. Looking great! It is really stunning. Liposuction is usually a procedure that ends in removing unwanted fat from specific regions of the body that will not remove by doing diet or exercise. Fat cells that are removed with liposuction will not return, means the areas undergone with this process will not regain fat ever.

  2. After seen this images i don't believe on it but after research little bit on this i really got surprise that it can be happen vaser high definition liposuction really works to remove unwanted fat from body and look much sexy as this man...


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