Photo Of Mercy Johnson And Cute Daughter, REALLY???

Nigerian Blogosphere is claiming Mercy Johnson showcased her new born baby girl recently as pictured above…and I asked, REALLY? As in REALLLLLLLY?????. QUESTION - Does this baby - MJ was carrying (above) look like one-month-old baby?

RIGHT: Supposed Mercy Johnson's Baby  LEFT: Mercy Johnson's Baby at Birth 30-12-2012

It would be recalled, Mercy Johnson & her hubby Prince Odianosen Okojie welcomed their baby girl on 30 Dec. 2012 in the States…

By simple arithmetic, it means MJ’s baby girl is 3 weeks and 3 days old (24 days old) as at today [Jan. 23]…

Bloggers, we feast on all sorts of gists…LOL

IMAGES AT BIRTH - Dec 30, 2012:

BELOW – Are Photos Heavily Pregnant Mercy Johnson Took In December 2012 While In The U.S Waiting To Give Birth To Her First Bundle Of Joy.

Adapted Picture: Mercy Johnson and A Friend's Baby

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  1. And why can’t you be cheerful and appreciate people for once in your pessimistic life.


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