PHOTO: Lady Gaga Autographs An Eager Fan's Boobs…GA GA - On Each Boob

Lady Gaga gets close to fan's naked chest
Lady Gaga leaves a fan on The Edge Of Glory as she signs her nipples. The US superstar invited the eager supporter backstage after she flashed her at a concert.

And the frisky star swiftly dived in to 'grope' the fan's body and 'tweak' her nipples, before adding her personalised artwork - GA GA - on each boob.

The thrilled fan, 22-year-old Jana Babez, posted the picture on Lady Gaga's Little Monsters fan site.
She said:

"Gaga picked me out from the audience calling me a "pink princess".
"I jumped over the railings losing a shoe along the way (thankfully the security guard handed it back to me).

"When I saw Gaga I flashed my boobs at her, and at 55,000 audience members”. "She grabbed my boobs and then looked at me shocked and asked 'wait how old are you!?' When I said 22 she said "Haha that's fine and continued groping me".

"When I went backstage later she pulled my top down backstage and squealed, 'You're the Little Monster who flashed me!' She then tweaked my nipples in her transfixed/stoned state and insisted on signing them.

"Afterwards she looked at her masterwork and said 'Please don"t get that tattooed, I know it's my name but's it's really ugly'.

"She wrote GA on the one boob and GA on the other. LIFE MAD."

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