Man Steals His Father’s Body From The Cemetery, Stuffed It In A Deep Freezer In An Attempt To “Resurrect” Him

A Michigan man may face charges and jail time after his grieving over his late father led him to do the unthinkable and steal the 93-year-old man’s corpse from the cemetery in an attempt to ‘resurrect’ the body.

Via My Fox Detroit
93-year-old Clarence Bright whose corpse was stolen from the cemetery in an attempt to ‘resurrect’ him
Tuesday morning, Officer George Day and his colleagues from the Detroit Police Department discovered the corpse of 93-year-old Clarence Bright at his son’s home on Eastlawn stuffed in a deep freezer in the basement.

“The family members informed us that the body was in the house”, said Day.

They had been searching since Monday for Bright’s corpse and his casket. His funeral was Saturday, but his body was stored in the mausoleum at Gethsemane Cemetery until weather conditions allowed for his burial on Monday. That’s when cemetery workers found the casket and the corpse missing.

A van was seen driving away with Bright inside.

Police were looking for Bright’s 48-year-old son, who told people he was going to do something. He had a deep freezer and, police say, planned to store his father there and pray over him to resurrect him.

Losing a loved one can have you doing some crazy sh*t. May this man finally rest in peace….and may his son seek help.

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