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Lady Gaga 'Earns $30 Million A Year From Her Twitter Page'

Lady GaGa earns an estimated $30 million a year just from her Twitter page. The ludicrously enviable figure, which translates to £18.9 million, is responsible for around a third of her overall $90 million fortune, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It is thought that many of her loyal 20 million followers are encouraged to buy her music legally because of the bond she has created with them.

Marketing expert John Bonini said: "[GaGa] really engages [her followers] and retweets stuff they say as if she was one of them".

The star has more followers on the site than anyone else in the world, with Justin Bieber close behind.

Her fortune may be impressive, but it was recently revealed that it's Taylor Swift who is the top-earning musician in the world.

Heidi Klum Nude But Covered in Marie Claire Australia

There’s an article about some fashion photographer in next month’s [April 2012] Marie Claire Australia that included the above shot she took of Heidi Klum in the buff.

PHOTOS: FAMILY DINNER NIGHT…Beyoncé & Jay-Z Take Blue Ivy To A Celebrity Hot Spot!

Blue Ivy Carter has been out and about with a social life that is hipper than people 20 times her age. Yesterday [Mar. 18], her parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z were spotted bringing her along for lunch at the very trendy Nobu restaurant in Tribeca, New York.

The restaurant is a hot spot for celebrities and of course Billboard charting baby Blue Ivy fit right in.

Mommy Bey covered her bundle of joy in a knitted blanket and held her close rocking a chic black fedora with a matching blazer and still sporting those funky blue nails, except this time they're metallic!

Her hubby, who was all smiles as the couple left, was casual as usual wearing a throwback Glastonbury 2008 t-shirt.

The "Single Ladies" singer was seen cuddling her daughter as she sat in the back (whatever happened to the car seat) while Jay-Z took a front seat in their chauffeur driven car.

Check the Carter family day out below:
Whatever Happened to the back seat...

PHOTOS: Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Get Cozy Courtside During NBA Game

There is nothing like some good outing with the family on a Weekend. Will and Jada Pinkett Smith gathered up their famous kiddies for a NBA game, with courtside seats of course.

The couple cuddled up and looked very much in love, shutting down the ongoing rumours of the two having trouble in marital paradise. They shared hugs and kisses throughout the basketball game.

Jada wore her hair in a funky pompadour style and gave a thumb up as she pose for pics, showing off her wedding ring bling while Will wore a T-shirt that had his idol Muhammad Ali on it.

It looks like the gang had a great time. It’s great to see the couple is still madly in love.

ACN Senator Robbed At Gunpoint By Own Driver Of Seven Years

Senator Edoghie Uzamere 
Senator Edoghie Uzamere, of the Action Congress (ACN) of Nigeria representing Edo South, received more than he bargained for when his driver of seven years, robbed him at gunpoint on Friday evening [Mar. 16].

Uzamere, who narrated his ordeal to newsmen in Abuja, on Saturday, said the incident was a traumatic experience for him and his household. According to him, the driver, Mohammed Ibrahim, who is in his mid-thirties and a native of Niger State, put a gun to his head and dispossessed him of cash and other valuables.

The Tinubu Revelation (Part 1): It’s INHUMAN To Earn Handsomely From The Int’l Price Of Crude Oil, Yet Jumped To Remove Subsidy, Says Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Fiery as ever, Bola Ahmed Tinubu spoke with passion about the failure of leadership in the country with Vanguard Newspaper.  He actually accorded President Goodluck Jonathan the respect deserving of the holder of the Office of the President and Commander-in-Chief, Tinubu, nonetheless, did not shy away from stating his views on how leadership in Nigeria appears to be going to the dogs. Did he meet with President Jonathan before the elections, “Yes, we met”, he declared; but he was quick to add that he never reached any deal for personal gains. Rather, he impressed it on Jonathan the need not to breach the contract entered into with Nigerians. Today, however, even Tinubu himself feels betrayed and disillusioned.
Bola Ahmed Tinubu 
But you would need to read this explosive interview – mind you, according to Vangaurd Newspaper, the second part is even more explosive as you would find out at the end of this part.  Excerpts:

Q: All these that you are saying now appear strange because just before that election that brought Jonathan to power, you were seen as a beautiful bride?

(Cuts in)  I thought I was

For you to sound this frustrated and even express the fear about the President now sends a signal.  You met with Jonathan before the election and we had that you reached a deal with him?  Or was there no deal, for instance, on what and what you would like him to do for the country when he becomes President because from the way you’ve spoken, it appears as if some agreements were breached?

Tinubu: There was no deal between me and the President prior to the election. There was only the plea. We met, I won’t lie. I’ve known the President since he was a deputy governor. And God and Nigerian people have placed him where he is and I must respect him. I believe that he should be fair and he should believe in constitutional democracy.

I believe he was meant to become Acting President based on the turn of events and as the Constitution provided for.

And when our proposed alliance didn’t work, I left my options open. We had a discussion about the stability of this country and the rule of law, the development of this country.  That there will be adequate consultations, there will be effective consultations; there will be fairness.

Democracy, constitutional democracy, would be allowed to flourish and good ideas would be allowed to flow and pursued for the greatness of our country.  So we discussed all these points. I didn’t make any bargain for myself. I didn’t ask for it and I didn’t need it.

Q: That was the context of the deal I meant?

Tinubu: For myself!
No!  I mean the issues discussed and possibly agreed on as conditions for your support?

Okay.  I challenge anybody to publish it if there was a private arrangement or deal with me, including the President, let him come out and tell Nigerians, please speak now or keep them quiet forever.
Bola Ahmed Tinubu 
We met, no lie about that.

Look at the issue of subsidy removal.  Our party’s position on that is clear – yes, if the subsidy was to be removed, how do we make a long term plan for it so that it would not affect the masses in an adverse manner.

We summarized our position and gave it to the President.

What happened to all the beautiful ideas you bounced off the President? They were never accepted.  They said we would meet again but we were never invited back and all we had was that subsidy had been removed.

Q: So how come you trusted such a person?

Tinubu: You are asking me!  I think there are fifth columnists in Jonathan’s administration, in that cabinet.  Some people just wanted to set him up for disgrace with wrong advice. How do you advise the President to remove subsidy on the 1st of January, the beginning of an accounting year; the beginning of a new year when people have traveled.

Why not 5th of January?  What was there to be benefited from the January 1 date?  What image are you trying to make of this man?

Or what image was the man trying to push out for himself because he is the President and he should think decisions through before they become policy?
Okay that is another angle. But he cannot just come from the toilet or from his bedroom and say he wants to remove subsidy suddenly.

Q: That is his problem as President.  What if he woke up from the wrong side of the bed?

Tinubu: Wrong side of the bed!  I don’t see any side of the bed that is wrong. Then you break the social contract with the people who voted for you.

You didn’t even set some programmes in place to cushion the effect of what you are trying to go and you just decided.  If you call Ashok Leyland or Mercedez and say bring your plant into this country and make thousands of buses, you’ll get waivers and I’m going to buy up the buses, do you think they won’t come and set up plants here?  You give them a guarantee.  You rehabilitate the rail system first before jumping into subsidy removal. Meanwhile you are earning handsomely from the international price of crude oil, yet you jump to remove subsidy?  It’s inhuman.

TRAGIC NEWS: 7 Killed, 25 Houses Razed…As Petrol Tanker Ran Into Residential Buildings In Igwuruta Community, Rivers State

Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi, his wife Judith and Commissioner for Health, Sampson Parker at the scene of the accident at Igwuruta Roundabout, Rivers State, Saturday [Mar. 17].

Do we really value lives in this part of the world at all? This is a tragic report from the Sunday Mirror as culled below, so SAD;

About seven people were feared killed in the early hours of yesterday morning [Mar. 17] when a tanker, loaded with substance believed to be petroleum products ran into residential buildings in Igwuruta, a community along the Owerri-Port Harcourt road. About 25 houses were burnt in the incident which happened close to the Port Harcourt International Airport in Rivers State.

The dead include a family of five comprising the father, mother and three children.

DSP Ben Ugwuegbulam, Rivers Police Command Public Relations Officer (PRO) while acknowledging the incident would not confirm the number of casualties. He noted that the police were still investigating the matter.

Eyewitnesses told Sunday Mirror that several people died while properties worth millions of naira were destroyed in the incident. Youths of the community embittered by what they perceived as the not-so-quick response of the fire service personnel descended on the fire-fighting vehicles and vandalized two of them before the intervention of a team of police and military men.

An eyewitness, Emmanuel Enechi, said he saw the tanker at top speed from the Port Harcourt end of the expressway. He added that the driver lost control while negotiating the Igwuruta roundabout and ran into houses before exploding into flames.

''I shouted and people started coming for help. There was a family of five living here. None of them survived the fire. They all died in the fire. A husband, his wife and three children all died'', he lamented.

The state governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has expressed his heartfelt sympathies to the victims of the tragic fire incident.

''It is so disastrous. I hear an entire family is gone, husband, wife and their children. Now look at the level of damage'', Governor Amaechi mourned. The Rivers State Chief Executive was close to tears as he inspected the scene of the accident. He pledged his administration's readiness to provide necessary assistance to the families of those affected by the fire. He also expressed his government's determination to reduce drivers’ recklessness on the roads.

Governor Amaechi further said, we must reduce the level of irresponsibility of some road users. I have just directed the Commissioner for Special Duties to identify the families and let us see how much we can assist them.

The Scene of the Inferno...
One of the affected house...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nigerians Docked For Defrauding Jobcentre, UK £1.7million…PLUS…Rents Cheat, Nigerian Woman, Gladys Popoola, 47, Jailed For 2 Years Also in The UK

In the last one week or two, I have posted series of shameful stories about fellow Nigerians in Diasporas trying to reap where they never sowed…robbing Paul to pay Peter…

More shameful when they have their Nigerian names on foreign passports…In the last one year, over 50 Nigerians have been jailed for financial crimes that run into millions of pounds in the UK. These criminals are making life difficult for average hardworking Nigerians living in UK or elsewhere, who are “sweating it out” to make ends meet.

Read what TheSun Newspaper, UK reported about these disgraceful Nigerian criminals (male & Female) today [Mar 17];
Face of the criminals...
JOBCENTRE staff swindled £1.7million by hijacking identities and making thousands of false benefit claims, a court has heard.

The Nigerian-born gang are accused of ripping off nearly £900,000 in tax credits over five years by submitting claims using names, dates of births and addresses raided from the Department of Work and Pensions' confidential database.

They are also said to have netted another £820,000 in bogus claims for Sure Start Maternity Grants — a one-off £500 payment to support pregnant women.

They backed these claims by forging the signatures of midwives, nurses and doctors, Croydon Crown Court in South London was told. The cash was said to have been paid into accounts they had set up.

Prosecutor Andrew Evans said Anthony Ekajeh, 48, of Rainham, Essex, played a "principal" role in the fraud while an executive officer at the Dagenham JobCentre in East London.

He denies conspiracy to defraud along with Fiayo Akinwumiju, 35, of Coulsdon, Surrey, and Olufemi Kehinde, 47, of Acton, West London, who worked in other branches.

Three others are being tried in their absence and a seventh man admitted three charges at an earlier hearing. The trial continues.

Gladys Popoola 
A COUNCIL housing worker who claimed more than £200,000 in benefits while doing three jobs and getting rent from three properties was jailed for two years yesterday.

Married mum Gladys Popoola, 47, of Lisson Grove, North West London, got income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit and special grants.
She admitted fraud at Southwark Crown Court.

KONY 2012 VIDEO: UGANDA Prime Minister Responds…Calls Out Hollywood Celebs on Twitter

Uganda Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi  
Uganda Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is finally responding to the Kony 2012 viral video -- with a video of his own and a series of tweets directed at a slew of celebrities.

Just a day after Kony 2012 director Jason Russell was detained by police after a naked meltdown on the streets of San Diego, Mbabazi posted a video on YouTube refuting a "false impression" people have been given about the country as a result of Marshall's video. 

Mbabazi said the video is not representative of the current conditions in his country and added, "The Kony 2012 campaign fails to make one crucial point clear: Joseph Kony is not in Uganda".

Mbabazi also tweeted at several Hollywood celebs who helped make the Kony 2012 video so popular (see below).

Ugabda PM tweeted at several Hollywood celebs who helped make the Kony 2012 video so popular

Beyoncé’s Little Sister, Solange Knowles, Gets FABULOUS For "The Evening Standard", Talks Good Sex, Good Music & Fashion

Bra top: Nina Ricci; Skirt: Versace; Shoes: Sergio Rossi; Earrings: Lanvin; Necklace: Vanessa Arizaga; Sunglasses: A-Morir
Solange Knowles is featured in the UK publication The London Evening Standard as the fashion world's new IT girl.  The colorful, inspired, confident and unapologetically fly chick is showing off her retro glam looks while dishing on her improved sex life, her summer album, being besties with her big sister Beyoncé (and new niece Blue Ivy) and more.

Shot on location at the luxe Bowlmor Lanes bowling alley at Times Square NYC, Solange taps into vintage (with a futuristic edge on some) glam looks for the occasion.  The free spirited 25-year-old explained why women who love others and themselves dress better.

The VOGUE blogger, Carol's Daughter & Rimmel spokeswoman and singer songwriter showcased her usual color-heavy style that we love.  And in the shoot, she makes bowling shoes, bowling pins, bowling lanes, and a random palm tree look all kinds of fab:
Top: Diane von Furstenberg; Latex collar: Atsuko Kudo; Latex hotpants: William Wilde; Sunglasses: Giles for Cutler and Gross; Necklace & bracelet: Prada.

Fur jacket: Frankie Morello; Bra top and skirt: Atsuko Kudo; Shoes: Prada; Earrings: Miu Miu; Necklace: Balenciaga.
Bra top: Nina Ricci; Skirt: Versace; Shoes: Sergio Rossi; Earrings:
Lanvin; Necklace: Vanessa Arizaga; Sunglasses: A-Morir
Satin coat, bodysuit and earrings: Prada; Swarovski embellished shoes: Viktor & Rolf.

Fabrice Muamba In "Stable Condition" In Hospital, But Critically Ill After Collapsing During FA Cup Match

Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba is in stable condition but "critically ill" in intensive care at the heart attack centre of the London Chest Hospital, the club have confirmed. Muamba collapsed in the 41st minute of Bolton's FA Cup quarter-final against Tottenham, with the match abandoned after the player received treatment on the pitch from paramedics.

He was rushed to hospital and the club have now released a statement which reads: "Bolton Wanderers can confirm that Fabrice Muamba has been admitted to the heart attack centre at London Chest hospital where he is currently in a critically ill condition in intensive care".

It added: "No further information will be issued at this stage. The club has requested the media to respect his family's privacy at this time".
As the Tottenham and Bolton supporters watched in stunned silence, many of them — as well as players and referee — clasped their hands in shock and prayer, while the paramedics continued to help Muamba, who was fighting for his life. Both Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur supporters chanted Fabrice Muamba’s name. And there were many tears, both from supporters in White Hart Lane and from TV viewers around the world.
fabrice muamba Fabrice Muamba In Stable Condition In Hospital After Collapsing During FA Cup Match 
Six minutes after Muamba collapsed, the paramedics took Muamba off in a stretcher, into an ambulance (where he was accompanied by Bolton manager Owen Coyle and captain Kevin Davies) and to a local hospital. Referee Howard Webb then suspended the game after consultation with both team captains as well as both managers.

In the United States, FOX Soccer aired the game live and stayed with the coverage until it was confirmed that the match had been abandoned. FOX Soccer’s Keith Costigan closed the broadcast by saying “Our thoughts and prayers are with Fabrice Muamba.”

In very unfortunate circumstances, full credit must go to the way that everyone handled the situation from the two clubs, referee Howard Webb, the medical staff and everyone associated. The television coverage was respectful. Instead of showing the disturbing scenes of the resuscitation attempts on Muamba, the cameras zoomed back to a far-away corner shot of White Hart Lane while commentators Tony Jones and Nigel Winterburn (on the international feed) handled themselves well, explaining to the viewers what they knew and staying on point. In the United Kingdom, the game was shown live by ESPN UK where Jon Champion did an admirable job covering the sensitive and difficult scenes.

Immediately after Muamba collapsed, soccer fans from around the world took to Twitter to share the news as well as to send our prayers to Muamba.

Fabrice Muamba Collapses On Pitch During Tottenham's FA Cup Game Against Bolton Wanderers

Concern: Medics attend to Muamba 
Tottenham's FA Cup game against Bolton Wanderers has been abandoned after Trotters midfielder Fabrice Muamba collapsed and stopped breathing.

Medics spent 10 minutes trying to resuscitate the 23-year-old on the field before the players were called off by referee Howard Webb.

BBC Radio 5 live senior football reporter Ian Dennis says the midfielder is fighting for his life.

The score was 1-1 when he collapsed with no players close-by on 41 minutes.
Medical staff gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and tried to revive him with a defibrillator.
He was taken off the pitch on a stretcher and ESPN reported that he was not breathing as he was taken down the tunnel.

The former Arsenal midfielder has been taken to hospital.

Fabrice Muamba receive life wherever you are now! We don't want to see another Foe again.... Let’s pray for Muamba

Concern: Medics attend to Muamba  

Fabrice Muamba was stretched off the pitch

Players were too emotional to continue with the game

Bale consoling Jermain Defoe 

Jermain Defoe crying after witnessing Fabrice Muamba collapsing.

DRUG COURIER: I Knew I Was Carrying Hard Drugs…Arrested Drug Suspect, Ifeoma Peace Okoye, 30, Told NDLEA

Drug Courier: Ifeoma Peace Okoye  
While it is almost customary for arrested drug couriers to claim ignorance and innocence, Ifeoma Peace Okoye did not. She claimed she was aware of her actions and consequences. Why then did she do it?

In her thirty years on earth, Ifeoma Peace Okoye had really gone through hell. Whether in the hands of many Nigerian men, who promised heaven and earth to have her hand in marriage and would later dump her, or from the hands of cunning family members who would not let her have access to her parents’ property even after they were dead, Okoye had not been at peace for the most part of her life. At the moment, it appears the peace she craved for is moving father from her than she would imagine.

White Garment Priest Sets Wife Ablaze In Lagos

It began like a typical domestic squabble between husband and wife. It ended unexpectedly with one of the couple on a hospital bed and the other on a mortuary slab. What could have been responsible for the turn of events?

Shola Fatula, 34, is a senior member of the Celestial Church of Christ, having risen to the rank of a Senior Evangelist. He is not just a member of the church; he actually heads its Imisi Oluwa Parish at Babajide Fatula Street, Igando area of Lagos State.

On Sunday, 4 March, 2012, Fatula did the unexpected. Fatula led the usual Sunday service and everything went well. But a minor disagreement was reported to have occurred between Fatula and one of the women elders of the church. Later in the evening, Fatula’s wife took him up on some of the issues raised during the meeting immediately after the morning service.

Fatula was not the founder of the church he shepherds today. Reports say that the church was originally owned by his elder brother who died in a ghastly motor accident in December 25, 1998, while returning from a trip. Then, Fatula was the head of the church choir. Some years after the brother’s demise, Fatula assumed leadership of the church. Fatula is the only surviving child of their mother after the other four had reportedly died in mysterious circumstances at different times.

Fatula, a lover of football on that fateful Sunday evening, he had reportedly sent a church member some litres of petrol with which he intended to fill his generating set for an English Premiership match he wanted to watch. So, when his wife raised the issue while the two of them were having their dinner, Fatula would not hear of it. A heated argument soon ensued between husband and wife.

Fatula reportedly warned his wife to drop the argument but the woman insisted that common sense must prevail. When she would not heed her husband’s warnings, Fatula reportedly dashed to the front of their apartment, picked the keg of petrol and allegedly emptied the keg in the body of his wife.

Before the wife knew what was happening, the church leader reportedly lit a match and set his wife ablaze. Reports say no neighbour bothered to come to settle the feuding couple because of Fatula’s antecedents. The poor woman, still dressed in the church garment, reportedly caught fire. She was not the only one after all. Fatula, unknown to him, had had some fuel poured on his own garment. He was caught in the fire he set on his wife. The two of them started burning without one being able to rescue the other.

By the time the first neighbour that would come to their rescue, Mrs Fatula had suffered severe burnt over her body. She reportedly died moments later while being taken to a hospital. Fatula was lucky after all. He only suffered second grade burns. He is now receiving treatment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi- Araba, Lagos.

Speaking with Saturday Mirror, a member of the church who craved anonymity said virtually all the members of the church were fed up with the high-handedness of the shepherd in Charge. The middle aged man continued: “We all know the way Oluso (Shepherd) behaves and everybody is tired of it. But I was shocked when I heard that he set his wife ablaze over a minor disagreement. I know if I were around that day, he would not have done what he did. But no member of the church could talk to him because he would not listen.”

One of the neighbours who sell food stuff close to the church who also would not have her name in prints told Saturday Mirror that the late wife would have been rescued, but Fatula locked the two of them inside the house before he carried out the dastardly act.

The woman, who claimed to be a friend of Fatula’s wife, said that the priest made her part ways with his late wife. “It was like a curse on that family. How can a man pour petrol on his wife and set her ablaze? Not many people would be surprised to hear the story. It is just that one was shocked that he would set his own wife on fire. No one in this neighbourhood would dare come to separate the man and his wife when quarrelling because he would not listen to anyone”.

As at the time Saturday Mirror visited the church, some hoodlums were seen chasing people away from the premises. A resident said that the hoodlums might have been sent there by family of the late wife, with the aim of apprehending any of the man’s relatives or even church members.

Immediately neighbours managed to rescue the so-called man of God out of the house and took him to the hospital, the matter was reported at the Igando Police Station. The case was transferred to the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, Alagomeji, Lagos.

A policeman who spoke to Saturday Mirror maintained that the investigation into the matter had been halted pending Fatula’s recovery.


GRAPHIC IMAGE: Man, 69, Slaughtered & Dismembered Over Land Dispute

Late Francis Ohanebo 
At 69, Francis Ohanebo must have been trying to mend fences with his creator and waiting for death. He wouldmnot have imagined a violent end. But that was what he had. What could have led to the gruesome murder of this old man?

It may take a long while before the lingering crisis between the Umumerenze Umuezebikogu Umuagu clans and their Umuduruekwe counterparts in Anambra State could get any headway. This is hinged more on the alleged murder of one of the principal actors in the dispute, Francis Ohanebo.

For 30 years now, both families have been engaged in a feud over land ownership but the feud got to a head on Friday, February, 10, 2012.

On that fateful day, the late Ohanebo was resting in his compound around 8:00 pm, when no fewer than 10 men jumped in, wielding various dangerous weapons. Ohanebo, though reportedly waved their threats aside insisting that his lineage owned the disputed portion of land, his attackers however, were not ready to exchange hot words with him. They already had their briefs. While the old man was trying to raise the alarm, the assailants reportedly swooped on him and inflicted series of cuts on his fragile body.

Ohanebo was thus murdered in his compound in the full glare of some of his hapless relatives.
Ohanedo’s mutilated body
His assailants ensured that he drew his last breath before they let him be.

Apparently not done with him they were said to have beheaded him and cut his body into parts. The severed parts were reportedly dumped into a nearby bush. No sooner had these assailants left Ohanedo’s compound than his son, Moses, alerted the police.

The law enforcement agents then launched a manhunt for the killers. Eventually, seven people connected with the gruesome crime were apprehended while others are still at large.

Those accused of Ohanedo’s murder are Aloysius Osadebe, John Nnaekezie (a.k.a. Okadibia), Ogenabia Ohanebo, Chijioke Mbanusi, Cornelius Obinozie, Emeka Onwukeme and Comrade Ikenna. The matter was immediately charged to court at the Ihiala Chief Magistrate Court in Anambra State, and the seven accused are detained.

In his complaint to the police, Moses Ohanebo claimed that the accused persons and their sponsors, still at large, had conspired to murder his father because of a lingering land dispute. He argued that a continued hearing into the land dispute was to come up on February 14, 2012, but the accused persons, suspecting that the case might not end in their favour, decided to murder his father to silence them as the rightful owners and fraudulently claim ownership.

Chief Magistrate Nwaba, ordered the police to transfer the case file to the state Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) on or before March 26, 2012, being the next adjournment date.

At the last hearing of the case, the prosecutor urged the court to remand the seven men in prison custody because the offence is not bail able and besides, granting them bail could jeopardize further investigations in the matter.


DISTURBING VIDEO: Kony 2012 Filmmaker, Jason Russell, Caught Naked On Camera…Just Before His Arrest

Jason Russell 
Filmmaker and head of the Stop Kony 2012 movement, Jason Russell, was arrested Thursday [Mar. 15] by San Diego law enforcement for masturbating in public and allegedly vandalizing cars.

Latest reports indicate that he is on a 5150 psychiatric hold, which allows authorities to detain him for 3 days before confirming he is not a danger to himself or others.

Since Jason's arrest Invisible Children CEO Ben Keesy released a statement saying Jason has been hospitalized due to "exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition".

Today a video was released of Jason performing the acts he was arrested for. Police are saying that they do not intend to charge Jason for any crime.

Video surfaced today [Mar.17] of a completely nude Jason on a busy San Diego street corner yelling at passing cars.

The short, but disturbing, video shows that Jason was clearly not in his sane mindset during the incident pumping his fist angrily and banging on the sidewalk.

Watch the accompanying video below to see just what Jason was arrested for.

Former Aide To Gbenga Daniel, Apagun Oluwole Olumide Dies Mysteriously

An Egba High Chief and the Promoter of the Abeokuta golf resort, Apagun Oluwole Olumide is dead.

The Apagun Pote of Egbaland and an associate of former governor of Ogun state, Gbenga Daniel, allegedly committed suicide by drowning himself in an artificial lake located at the golf resort at about 10 p.m. on Friday.

The deceased was being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for his roles in the controversial Golf Resort hotel in Abeokuta, which has pitched the former governor and his associates against the Ogun state government.

The body of the late Chief was recovered about 12 hours after he allegedly plunged into the artificial lake by local divers assisted by men and officers of the Ogun state fire services.

One of the early callers at the scene of the incident was the former governor of the state, Chief Olusegun Osoba who described the incident as “highly unfortunate”

Efforts to get the reaction of the newly posted Commissioner of police in the state, Ikemefuna Okoye proved abortive as he declined comment on the incident.


Don Jazzy Confirms Break-Up With D’Banj...The End Of A Long Era & The Beginning Of A New One, Don Jazzy Tweeted

Mo’Hits boss, Don Jazzy this afternoon [Mar. 17] sets the record straight and confirmed he has actually parted ways with D’Banj. He described the split as "the end of a long Era and Beginning of a new One"...

Don Jazzy, who was on twitter minutes ago and tweeted this message as captured below:

VIDEO: Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend-Brother Nick Gordon Ambushed With Questions By Paparazzi

Nick and Bobbi were recently spotted sharing a kiss publicly...
These two again:

Nick Gordon — Whitney Houston’s “adopted” son — was asked squarely today [Mar. 16] about his relationship with Bobbi Kristina.

Nick and Bobbi ran some errands and grabbed a Starbucks in Atlanta. They are holding hands at times. At one point, while Bobbi Kristina waits in the car, Nick makes a coffee run and a Photojournalist asks a bunch of questions about the relationship. Watch Nick’s expressions as he answers.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE??? 'Slaves, Obey Your Masters'… Atheists’ Racial Billboard Raises Tempers In Pennsylvania

A strong case of religion and race matters.

An atheist group put up this billboard in a racially diverse neighborhood in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, angering Civil Rights activists who called for its removal:

The atheists behind the sign said they were trying to draw attention to the state House’s recent designation of 2012 as “The Year of the Bible” — an action by lawmakers that the atheists have called offensive.

But there were concerns that erecting such a billboard is playing with fire.

“If this had been Detroit, there would have been a riot,” said Aaron Selvey of Harrisburg, who visited the billboard site last Wednesday (March 7), the day after the sign was put up and later torn down.

“We don’t want things to escalate into violence or community tension, so we try to address situations like that right away,” added Shannon Powers, spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. “We would not recommend tearing down because it could lead to escalation. It hasn’t, and we’re tremendously thankful for that.”

The billboard was quickly replaced with an ad for the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra.




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