Terrified British Woman, Naomi Hampson, 27, Raped By “Somnophilliac” BOYFRIEND In Her SLEEP For 2 Years

Terrified: Naomi Hampson, 27, only found out she had regularly fallen victim to sick Robert Fryer when police raided the couple's home
A terrified woman has revealed her boyfriend of two years repeatedly raped her while she slept. Naomi Hampson, 27, of Nottingham, only found out she had regularly fallen victim to Robert Fryer when police raided their home - and said her life was 'shattered into thousands of tiny pieces'.

The office administrator’s perverted boyfriend would sedate her and often paint her nails and dress her in jewellery before taking photographs of his revolting acts and saving them on his computer.

Miss Hampson told the Sunday People:

'I'm disgusted when I think about what he did. It makes me feel dirty and completely violated. Not remembering anything makes it worse.

'It is so sinister all that time I was living with someone capable of that. He has no emotion. He is evil. And if the police hadn't found out I could have still been living with him. It's terrifying.'

Fryer, 30, admitted raping her three times between 2008 and 2011 and pleaded guilty to a separate charge of sexual activity. He was jailed for eight years in September.
Together: The couple (pictured; Naomi Hampson, left, and Robert Fryer, right) moved in together in Nottingham, having met on a night out in 2008, and Fryer was soon taking advantage of Miss Hampson
Policeman's son Fryer has the rare condition somnophillia - also known as 'sleeping princess syndrome' - where people get a sexual thrill from others who are asleep, the court was told.

Miss Hampson, who waived her right to anonymity to speak out, said Fryer had made out she was drinking too much. She called him a psychopath and believes he got a thrill from confused people.

She told the Sunday People:

'My entire life has been shattered into thousands of tiny pieces and my soul feels broken. I hate him for what he did to me.'

Police believe Fryer used a drug to sedate Miss Hampson, although a judge said that he either used alcohol or drugs. She cried in court as he was sentenced but said he did not look at her.

Miss Hampson plans to leave her local area and is not yet thinking about going out with another man.

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