PICTURED: LAGOS FIRECRACKER EXPLOSIONS - Hospital Kicks Out Victim Who Jumped From The 2nd Floor & Fractured His Leg OVER BILLS

Ahmed laying helpless on the Hospital Floor
One of those injured in the Lagos firecracker explosions, Jimoh Ahmed, who spoke with PUNCH on Thursday [Dec. 27], said the injured victims were abandoned by rescue workers who brought them to the hospital.


Q: I learnt you are one of those injured in the banger (firecracker) explosions?

A: Yes. I had a leg fracture after I jumped from the second floor of the building housing where my shop was. I had to do it when the firecrackers started going off.

Q: But what are you doing on the floor outside the hospital?

A: I was only able to undertake an X-ray examination on one of my legs because of financial constraints. Doctors discharged me today (Thursday) and asked me to come back in two weeks.

Q: Were you discharged because your case was minor?

A: No. My left leg is still hurting. I was discharged because my family members couldn’t raise enough money for my treatment. As you can see, the Plaster of Paris on my right leg doesn’t cover the whole stretch of my leg as it should.

Q: What happened when you were brought here?

A: The officials just brought us here and left. Nobody paid for our hospital bill we were only brought here by emergency officials and left alone to bear the cost of our treatment. I am here now, unattended to by doctors because I have yet to get money for the X-ray examination on my left leg needless to talk of treatment. That is why I was discharged.

Q: Why are you still here?

A: My sister went to get some money. I am waiting to see if she would come back with some money for me to continue with the treatment.

Sorry Ahmed…Lagos State government is still busy asking questions, like - who brought the contraband (Firecrackers) into the country; that seems to be of more priority than the lives involved…SAD

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