ODD FACEBOOK STATUS: Congrats To All Muslims On The Death Of Patrick Yakowa…THIS IS STRANGE!

Strange things keep happening…This guy (pictured below) actually celebrated the death of former Kaduna State governor, Patrick Yakowa on facebook…
ODD: Facebook Status...
I thought there is a saying that you don’t speak ill of the dead…

Speechless….life and death are in the hands of the Almighty God. Only Him knows who is next.

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  1. dis so called muslim ppl av no sense, is dat wot allah told dem to be happy wen der enemy dies

  2. we shld all try to learn our to speak in the public

  3. The supposed Anas is sure a Boko Haram idiot. He shd be arrested without further delay. And to all who celebrated the death of Yakowa, untimely deaths will not depart from their households In Jesus Mighty Name. AMEN.


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