VIDEO: Two U.S. Marines Charged With Urinating On Dead Taliban Fighters

Two United States Marines have been charged with urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban fighters after videotaping the inhumane act.

According to the United States Marine Core (USMC), the Marines -- Staff Sergeants Joseph W. Chamblin and Edward W. Deptola -- have been charged for "violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice" for their involvement in the urination incident.

The USMC says the incident is believed to have taken place during a counter-insurgency operation in Afghanistan on or about July 27th, 2011.

Chamblin and Deptola were also charged with other misconduct that allegedly took place, which includes:

ü  Being derelict in their duties by failing to properly supervise junior Marines

ü  Failing to require junior Marines to wear their personal protective equipment

ü  Failing to stop and report the misconduct of junior Marines

ü  Failing to report the negligent discharge of a grenade launcher

ü  Failing to stop the indiscriminate firing of weapons

Deptola is also charged with failing to stop the unnecessary damaging of Afghan compounds, and wrongfully and indiscriminately firing a recovered enemy machine gun.

The USMC says there are other pending cases related to this incident.

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