American Arrested For Having Sex With Sofa On The Street

Arrested ... Gerard Streator
A 46-year-man in the US state of Wisconsin has been arrested for having sex in a street with a sofa, a media report said.

Gerard Streator was spotted bending over an abandoned yellow settee with his trousers round his ankles in Waukesha city, The Sun reported Thursday [Sept 27].

The hotel worker was seen by an off-duty police officer at 11 pm "thrusting his hips" against the sofa, which was in full view next to the kerb. No one was seen on the sofa.
Representation - Abandoned Sofa...
As the police officer yelled at him, the man fled to a nearby apartment block.

He was later arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behaviour.

The man faces up to nine months in jail and a $11,000 fine. 

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