VIDEO & PICS: Meet The Twin Sisters Who Share A HUSBAND…And He’s Also Married To Their Cousin…

A 43-year-old American, Brave Joe has double trouble and more. Joe is married to 42-year-old twins who share more than their physical looks. The man is also involved in a polygamous marriage with the twins' cousin.

The group has 24 children among them, reports Daily Mail.

The family is fundamentalist Mormon from Salt Lake City, Utah, and in their religion "all three women are equally married" to their common husband.
Joe has had 24 children by his three wives
The twins are not bothered about sharing their husband. In fact, during their teens they say they used to be attracted to the same guys and even wondered if one day they would be married to the same guy. They do realise that some siblings might not be comfortable about sharing their spouse with each other.

Describing their joint dates, Joe said: "Since Alina and Vicki were close friends and were interested in pursuing me together, the best thing I could do was to nurture that combined friendship”.

"I was attracted to both girls and knew that individual relationships would develop in time".

The three were married in a traditional religious service at home, followed by a civil register office ceremony where Alina became Joe's legal wife, while Vicki acted as a witness.
Risky strategy ... Joe dates cousins Alina and Vicki at the same time in 1989
But in the eyes of their fundamentalist Mormon religion, all three women are equally married to Joe.

They each have their own bedroom, and Joe alternates between the three rooms each evening.
Keeping it in the family ... Joe's three wives line up for a Christmas photo in 2004
Vicki and Alina had been married to Joe for ten years when they both encouraged him to start pursuing a relationship with Vicki's twin, Valerie.

Valerie had just gone through a divorce after her marriage – to a man with six wives – broke down due to his gambling and abusive treatment.
So happy together ... Alina, Joe, Vicki and Valerie live in harmony in Utah
Joe married one of the twins and their cousin in 1990. He married the other twin in 2000.

Polygamy is illegal in all 50 states of America.

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