First Picture Of Barack Obama's FIRST SERIOUS GIRLFRIEND...And How She Went On To Marry A Serbian Boxer [MAIL ONLINE EXCLUSIVE]

This is the woman who was Barack Obama’s first serious girlfriend, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

Alex McNear is a mother-of-one who runs a green energy company and lives in a $2million mansion in Sag Harbor, New York. She is also a Democrat who is understood to have voted for Mr Obama in the 2008 election.

This week it emerged that she won the heart of the future president whilst at college, but until now the story of what happened next to her has not been told.
Former flame: Miss McNear, circled, was a literary type from a waspish family who was seduced by Mr Obama's intellectual musings on T.S. Eliot
Rather than moving into the White House she wed a rather less glamorous compensation prize - a Serbian boxer who once tried to rob $60,000 from a bank.
The boxer: Ms McNear married Bob Bozic in 1987; he famously lost to boxer Larry Holmes at Madison Square Garden in 1973
Miss McNear married Bob Bozic in a ceremony which appalled her mother and brought a former vagrant and one time bookmaker into their upper middle class family.

Mr Obama meanwhile romanced his second love Genevieve Cook before meeting Michelle Obama and marrying her - and becoming leader of the Free World.
Another ex: Cook, seen here at college at Swathmore, wrote how Obama loved running and lived in an apartment that smelled of raisins and sweat; she was 25 when they dated
In her first comments since the story broke, Miss McNear told MailOnline: 'I am not giving any interviews’.

'I did that one interview with David Maraniss for reasons I won't go into. 'I have nothing more to say about the whole subject'.
Love nest: A young Barack Obama lived with his former girlfriend Genevieve Cook on the top floor of this Park Slope townhouse after he graduated from Columbia

Asked if she would go on a date with Mr Obama if he got back in touch with her, Miss McNear said 'goodbye' and hung up the phone.

Miss McNear was named for the first time this week as the first person Mr Obama fell for in extracts from a forthcoming biopic about the president by author David Maraniss.
Family ties: Mr Obama pictured with his father, Barack Obama Sr, in a family photo from the 1960s, Right; Mr Obama's ex-girlfriends were interviewed by author David Maraniss, who is releasing a book on the President
She told how the two met at Occidental College in California and had a summer romance at the age of 20 in New York in 1981 when he transferred to Columbia to finish his studies.

The story of what happened next however is equally extraordinary - how a woman who could have been the First Lady ended up with a prize fighter whose claim to fame is losing a 1973 bout with boxer Larry Holmes at Madison Square Garden.
On the face of it, Miss McNear and Mr Bozic made an extremely unlikely pair, even if her mother Suzanne was fiction editor at Playboy in the 1960s and 70s.

Miss McNear was a literary type from a waspish family who was seduced by Mr Obama's intellectual musings on T.S. Eliot.

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