CRAZY PICS: Another Crazy Nigerian Gay Posed Nude With BLASPHEMOUS PLACARDS

A reader sent me these pathetic pics and story early Monday [May 7]; I think concerned Nigerian authorities should come to the aid of these ‘depressed’ Nigerians as they go about with their blasphemous acts and urgently too before their ‘situation’ gets to an advanced stage (that’s if it’s not there already)…

This is what the reader sent:

As I live in Abuja I thought I would investigate this story you posted recently of this nude mugu walking in the streets claiming he is a homosexual and that he rapes goats in the name of Jesus Christ [If You missed the Story, You Can Read It HERE]. Well well well, there are more than one in his group of maniacs I come to find out andhis gay boyfriend was more than willing to discuss matters with me personally.The man I spoke with is named Monday Gabriel and shares the same practices about openly having gay sex, legalizing homosexuality throughout nja, advocating same sex marriages, having sex with goats, na talkless of his maddening benedictions that our praised lord Jesus was gay. These 2 gay church rats need deliverance. Monday even provided me with the attached photos he said were taken of him recently where he is seen here with a lamb fashioned around his neck like Jesus, a bible in his hand, and while holding various placards reinforcing his maddening beliefs. These two morons must be crazy and something needs to stop this disease from spreading further in diss great land of Nigeria before it is too late. I also remember a related case with a man in Abia Abanamed Okechukwu Kingsley Uba who has made similar claims about Jesus Christ. Oh boy, if anyone would like to contact diss nicompool named Monday Gabriel his contact details are below. Personally I think he should be arrested under thenew laws in diss nja and jailed fo 14 years and den let his soul rutt in hail. Abeg god don purnish diss fools nau. Amen
Well, I chose not to post this when I got it this morning because I spoke with Monday Gabriel immediately and he denied the nude pics. This was the conversation that ensued between the Blogger and Monday Gabriel:

BLOGGER: My name is Kenny and I am calling from Lagos. Am I on to Monday Gabriel please?
MONDAY GABRIEL: Yes, I am Monday Gabriel, how can I help you.

BLOGGER: Someone sent me some nude pics of you this morning and I found them offensive. You were carrying on your shoulder a kid goat and something that looked a Bible and you were naked…
MONDAY GABRIEL: My brother, God Bless you…Please…Please that was not me…How can I do a thing like that…People are wicked…God bless you my brother…

BLOGGER: You mean that was not you in the pics? I have your house address here in Maitama Abuja…Do you have scores to settle with people or something?
MONDAY GABRIEL: My brother, it’s all lie…I know nothing about the pics

So I rested my case and I replied my sender to please double check his story and be sure it was not a PAY BACK TIME for someone…below is my sender’s reply with Monday Gabriel’s Nigerian International passport…
Ma Bros, good, na I am glad you just spoke with Monday Gabriel. So you know that the phone number I provided for him is real. That takes care of that. Now here is a copy of his passport which he gave me as well. This shows his face and confirms that the man in the photos I sent you is in fact Monday Gabriel. Can the photos get any more genuine than this? Maybe he did not realize I would be reporting the story to news outlets when I interviewed him and he was alarmed when you called him. That is what telling the news is about. Uncovering the real story and reporting it. One love.

Hmmmm…Readers please see and judge for yourselves….If you do need to speak with Monday Gabriel, may be for counseling please get in touch to get his phone number…Before it’s too late…These guys need help, and URGENTLY TOO
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  1. Sad barbarians. God will punish. Amen

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  2. okay. seriously, you published his passport???

    have you even wondered why he would give out a copy of his PASSPORT? If someone interviewed me, I might give them a business card not a passport. obviously, someone is out for him and even stole his passport and you news-hungry third rate blogger with no sense of respect for the privacy of strangers have allowed yourself to be used as a tool in someone's personal vendetta. So easy to read through! Please take down the personal information of this stranger you don't even know before you become like the people of Aluu and have innocent blood on your hands.

    A word is enough for the wise!

  3. I think it's a frame-up. Why would he give his International Passport?


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