On Saturday [May 26] I posted a story credited to National Mirror wherein controversial “area fada”, Charles Oputa a.k.a Charly Boy was reported to have declared himself as being GAY and the head of Illuminati in Nigeria (If you missed the post, pls read it HERE)…an interview he reportedly granted a new publication “Danfo Express Newspaper”. Read National Mirror report's HERE.

Hmmmmm…‘Area Fada’ has reacted to this purported interview…he expressed his dismay on twitter and facebook. “I read with total dismay in Saturday mirror newspaper that I am gay and head of Illuminati…I have neva sued before...but this time...”, Charly Boy tweeted earlier today [May 28].

In another tweet yesterday [May 27], Charly Boy wrote, “Yesterday, I was an illuminati member, today, a gay, tmoro sleeping in a Coffin, and the list is endless. When will they stop these lies?”.
Now Charly Boy is suing…he is suing National Mirror because he never granted such an interview the Newspaper reported
Well, as soon as the blogger (alashock) read the story on National Mirror, just out of curiosity I put a call through to a staff of the new publication (Danfo Express Newspaper) to confirm if Charly Boy actually granted such interview and the staff (who didn’t give his name) told me, “Yes, Charly Boy grant the interview but the interview edition won’t hit the news stand until Thursday, May 31”.

1.   Did National Mirror cook up the Gay and Illuminati story it reported even though it referred to an interview Charly Boy granted another newspaper?
2.   Does National Mirror have enough evidence to proof Charly Boy actually granted the interview and sure they reported it the same way “Danfo Express Newspaper” had captured it?
3. What about the Danfo Express Newspaper staff I spoke with and confirmed to me Charly Boy granted such interview?

Eyes wide opened, Thursday is already here…let’s see how this would turn out…

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