BIG BROTHER STARGAME: DAY 3 – Nigerian Goldie Loses It…Had A Fight With Fellow Celeb Starmate Roki

The drama never ends! This afternoon [May 9], Starmate Goldie threw her toys out of the cot and verbally attacked Zimbabwean Housemate Roki for what she termed "disrespect".

Goldie flew out of the house like the proverbial bullet and fired off a verbal fist to the jaw.

Between sobs, the Nigerian Housemate threatened to leave and go back home because Roki does not know how to talk to her.

"He always picks on me and says I have fire inside, then uses vulgar language around me", she complained.

Roki didn't seem moved and instead brushed her off, telling her to "Shut the eff up".

He then swiftly backed-pedaled and apologised, after realising Goldie was not taking any of this lying down.

DKB and Prezzo scrambled to her side and tried to calm her down, to no avail. DKB scooped Goldie up in his arms, like a groom taking his bride over the threshold and managed to calm her down.

When Roki tried to push for a chance to apologise, the boys advised him to let it go and apologise later.
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