Nigerian Man, Onochie Martins Nwanko, 35, Beaten To Death In Malaysia‬ Over Rape Allegations…A Week To His Wedding

Onochie Martins Nwanko
A 35-year-old Nigerian student who tried to rape a woman died after he was allegedly assaulted by Rela personnel (Paramilitary).

It is believed that Onochie Martins Nwanko, who was due to get married next week, had tried to rape a cleaner at the 15th floor of a condominium in Batu 9, Kajang, at 11.30am yesterday [Mar 31].

Apparently, he had hugged and kissed her and even showed his private parts to her.

Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Rashid Abdul Wahab said the 43-year-old cleaner became terrified and managed to escape. She immediately alerted the management of the condominium and asked for help.

He said the management sent seven Rela personnel to Block C of the condominium where they found the cleaner running towards them.

Barely minutes later, the Nigerian man came down to the ground floor as well. They caught him and beat him before tying him up and informing the police.

“When we arrived, we found him motionless”, ACP Abdul Rashid said, adding that police rushed him to a nearby clinic where he was pronounced dead.

He said police had detained seven Rela personnel for questioning.

Steven Ng, 38, a resident, claimed that the condominium dwellers were unhappy that the management had placed Rela staff there to look after security. The personnel had been rude, he claimed.

Another Nigerian student, Micah Chinedu, 34, accused the Rela staff of always “harassing” the Nigerians who were staying there.

The five RELA members who allegedly beat Onochie Martins to death have since been detained, assisting police in their investigations.

The blogger wonder what the Nigerian government and the embassy in Malaysia will do about this. This guy was beaten to death just because somebody accused him of an attempted rape. Yes, I understand that Nigerians have made themselves personae non gratae in Malaysia as it is the norm everywhere we are but to kill a budding young man without even a day in court is something I deeply cannot comprehend.

For God’s sake, who was there when he brought out and shows his private part to the 43 years old accuser? And for the newspaper (Malaysian Star) to use the words “apparently”? What happened to fairness and balance in news reporting?

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  1. It's a shame to our govt and embassy official to just watch a nig citizen beaten to death, while the Malaysian in nigeria are getting well, if may ask is it a sin to be a Nigerian? Govt answer .


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