How I Survived As A Cart Pusher In Alade Market – Musician 9ICE

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With an album that every track is a masterpiece and reflection of his wealth of experience on the streets, 9ICE, real names Abolore Akande in a recent interview with Vanguard recalled how things fell into place to create a double album that is powerfully raw and is fast creeping to have a chart-topping commercial success with an ambitious concert come March.

9ICE also says he’s forgiven ex-wife Toni but…and how he survived as a cart pusher in Alade market…Excerpts below:

Q: I think it is in the track, Everyday that you mentioned you pushed the cart in Alade Market, is that a real experience?

A: A lot of people think it is Alade Market on Allen Avenue. But there is an Alade Market in Bariga. Truth is, the Alade Market on Allen Avenue, Ikeja is more popular than the one in Bariga.

We used to push carts loaded with Ewedu and Ugu  vegetables for market women who come to the market to buy in bulk but cannot handle their wares because they loads on their heads. So while they carry some on their heads we will be pushing the rest in the cart behind them.  Sometimes, because some bad boys run away with  their goods, they insist we push the carts ahead of therm so they can see the movement of their goods. Those were some of the things that I did  in those days to survive.

Q: How much were you earning per day then?
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A: Then if you push the cart with Ewedu and Ugu from Alade which is in Jagunmolu or from Jagunmolu to Okoko you will earn at-least N100:00 (One hundred naira).

So 9ice, having gone through this, how well are you giving back considering the fact that many boys are still on the streets?
We did a show last year in Bariga on Christmas day. We realised that on Christmas Day Bariga can be so boring. So instead of letting the people go to Lekki  to go and watch shows which many cant afford, we brought a show to them. It was a free show.  Today we have provided free pipe-borne water people living on my street. And we are trying to do more. I have done the same for the community I live currently. I am still trying to do more, like sharing free textbooks to secondary and primary schools students through the 9ice Foundation.

Q: Do you forgive people when they offend you?
A: Yes, definitely I do because even God forgives us when we offend Him.  So I have to forgive and let go.

Q: Have you forgiven Toni?
A: Most definitely, I can call her now. We are friends. If you want me to call her now, I will call her now.

Q: Will you give love another chance?
A: Definitely.

Q: With Toni?
A: No, it might not be with her but I will definitely give love a chance. And it might be with her as well, who knows?

Q: So love between you and her is not ruled out?
A: Yes.  It is not ruled out.

Q: What about marriage?
A: To give marriage a second chance, abi? Yes, I can remarry. Of-course, it is possible.

Q: You can remarry Toni?
A: It is possible. Anything is possible.

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