Friday, January 20, 2012


Sowore Omoyele
Whoever knows one Sowore Omoyele the Nigerian guy in the Video of the botched Town Hall Meeting in which a Nigerian Minister was shut down in New York City few days ago…Please help pass this “Thank You Note” to him…

Sowore Omoyele, You are BRAVE, ARTICULATE and VOCAL...You have got a sonorous voice…the lovely voice that dishes out various anti-govt slogans, like, Ole! Ole, Ole, Ole Ole…”, “When I remember Nigeria, Water Running me Eye...” etc.  That was a commendable demonstration of love to one’s fatherland, very Patriotic of you.

It is my fervent prayer and wish, this sonorous voice of yours and that of millions of fellow Nigerians worldwide would one day sing “Victory at Last” in the case of our beloved country concerning “TYRANNY IN CIVILIAN CLOTHES”, “HIGHEST LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT IRRESPONSIBILITY & FINANCIAL RECKLESSNESS”, “PANDEMIC CORRUPTION”, etc…

Your message to the Nigerian Minister was clear, short, simple and direct… i.e. ”Stop Gallivanting across the globe with public funds while home front which needs urgent concerted joint effort remains messy and boiling”

It was unfortunate; the Nigerian Minister had no single over-zealous Trigger Happy escort around…Which has always been the case in Nigeria. Guess the escorts (in obeying the last order) would have fired tear gas canisters like they did yesterday to the Nigerians elders including Prof. Ben Nwabueze, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite, etc, I mean old men, old enough to be their fathers and/or grandfathers. What was their offence? Sad, according to the definition of Nigeria’s “Democrazy”; “You Only Have The Right To Vote Government in Power, You Do Not Have Any Right to Protest Against Its Obvious IRRESPONSIBILITIES ”

Sowore Omoyele and others, even though some Nigerian government officials tried fruitlessly to shut you guys down during the town hall demonstration, “You actually refused to be bamboozled and intimidated. You all asserted yourselves and stood your ground”. This was another demonstration of courage and for me that was heroic.

I leave you with this anonymous quote, “I might just be a TERRORIST, for executing my freedom of Speech”.

God Bless you Sowore Omoyele and God Bless other Nigerians that occupied and botched the NYC Town Hall meeting...

One day, over Nigeria, we shall all sing “Victory At Last”…THANK YOU Sowore Omoyele!

Yesterday: The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Lagos engaging a protester...You Don't Have A Right To Protest...

Pics from the Video:



  1. Nigeria is in need a voice that will speak for the masses, thank God for people in the likes of Sowore Omoyele who refused to stoop so low to accept rubbish in the name of democracy. my brother we are solidly behind you, just ride on.

  2. SOWORE Is an outstanding young man who has decided not to be rubbished by the so called high and mighty in Nigeria. That is how the average citizen of Nigeria is disrespected by her leaders whom they voted for without any apology. Everyone must wake up from slumber and fight for his/her right. Nigerians! you have been cheated for too long, arise and take your rightful position, ARISE....


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